Hanne-Sofie Suongir
Good Night, Little Sunná

This is a story about Sunná, the little bumblebee, who loves to fly. It's bedtime, but Sunná doesn't want to go to sleep. She wants to fly away to see the world. But Sunná gets lost during her exciting journey. Will she find her way home, back to her soft, warm bed?

Hanne-Sofie Suongir

Hanne-Sofie Suongir

Hanne-Sofie Suongir (b. 1990) made her debut as a writer in 2020. Buorre idja, Sunnáš is her second children's book.

The book is illustrated by Nina Marie Andersen (b. 1988). She made her debut as a children's book illustrator in 2019.

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