Chicks O'hoi
Diary of a Norwegian girl

A.N.P. is 21, this is her uncensored diary from her years 18 to 20. She questions how girls are being presented everywhere in public; skinny bikini models smiling convincingly to us from boards; half naked, moaning pop queens who claim their sexual virginity at the end of the video. The way girls and women appear in public life and media doesn’t match with her own life and how she and her female friends live their lives. A.N.P. wants to show us girls who are far from perfect. They are girls full of doubts, inner conflicts, young women who are tough and independent, but still vulnerable. She writes about falling in love, friendship, raw sex, depressed days and pure happiness. Funny, smart and emotional stories, straight from the mouth, no beating around the bush.


She likes to read and write, she feels strongly for the conservation of the environment, and she hates anything causing suppression of women. Still, she likes to watch porn, she’s got a suitcase full of joy toys under her bed, she digs the rap hit “girl you stank” and she’s too lazy to work out.

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