Bjørn Vatne
Private Parts

Working in local government, you expected to wither away as a sexual being early on in life in preparation for life as a note-taker and meeting attendee, with the worn-out sensation in your private parts that came from all the sitting on hard chairs, and the slightly frankfurter-ish erections that followed. It was nothing to quibble about. It was a life, and there were other things you could excel at.

No one in Vågheim had expected Arnstein Lunde to become a major importer of sex toys – least of all Arnstein himself. But one day he accidentally receives a huge shipment of dildos for his webshop For Arnstein, it’s worth giving it a go. He markets the accidental shipment as the ‘Fun Corner’ and they sell like nothing he has ever seen before.

Arnstein is an essentially anonymous man from Lørenskog who has spent half his life in a village on the west coast that has reluctantly been swallowed up by Ålesund. Both the village and Arnstein are past their best, and now his wife Lindis is threatening to leave them both. Arnstein urgently needs to reinvent himself. And if a dildo store is going to be his saviour, so be it.

Bjørn Vatne

Bjørn Vatne
Julie Pike

Bjørn Vatne (born 1976) comes from Ålesund. He debuted in 2015 with his novel This is How we Choose our Victims, which was selected as Book of the Year by Norwegian book bloggers. His second novel, The Deletion of Paul Abel, was published in 2018 to unanimous acclaim from the critics. Among other things, Vatne read sociology and media studies at the University of Bergen and spent two years doing a writing course at the University of Tromsø. He has published texts in Vinduet literary magazine and in Granta, worked for several years as a journalist, and is currently a freelancer writing on culture in Ålesund.

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