Tomas Espedal
An author’s autobiography

Desire is a novel about reading and writing. About memory and amnesia.

About travel and romantic relationships. About friendship.

About the significance of place for writing. About cities. About years spent writing in Copenhagen.

About finding the ideal place, the ideal hours to write. About writing at night.

About writing by hand. About other writers.

About money and finances, good and bad. About making writing one’s work, one’s profession, one’s way of making a living.

How does one become a writer? Is it possible to make writing a profession? Can you make a living from it? And how would a life like that be?

Tomas Espedal

Tomas Espedal
Jakob Dall

Nominated for the Nordic Council Literary Prize 2014

Tomas Espedal (born 1961) made his debut in 1988. A graduate of the University of Bergen, he has published both novels and short prose collections. In 1991 he won an award from the joint Radio P2/Book Club Novelists´ competition for She and I. Founder of the Bergen International Poetry Festival, Espedal’s later works explore the relationship between the novel and other genres such as essays, letters, diaries, autobiographies and travelogue. Espedal’s Tramp (Or the art of living a wild and poetic life) (2006), Against Art (2009) and Bergeners (2013) have all been nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize. The author was awarded the Literary Critics’ Prize in 2009.

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