Hawre Gyth
Delicate Knits for Children
and a Few for the Adults

Delicate Knits for Children, and a Few for the Adults is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind knitting book. In this book, you’ll find instructions on how to make a vast array of different garments, mostly for the little ones, but you’ll also be able to make a number of lovely, fluffy patterns for the adults in your life too.

Hawre Gyth is passionate about making sure her garments are both durable and timeless, while keeping them fashionable – so they can be worn time and time again. As you’re introduced to Hawre’s world of knitting, you’ll be shown how to make comfy tights and the most beautiful jumpers and dresses. With the patterns in this book, you can also look forward to knitting jackets, matching tops and trouser sets, bodysuits, knee-socks, scrunchies, bonnets and various other small bits and pieces. And as a bonus, a lot of the patterns are ideal for using up your leftover yarn!

Hawre Gyth

The Norwegian-Kurdish Hawre Gyth has been knitting and dabbling in handicrafts ever since she was 4 years old. She designs irresistible knitted garments with the cutest details in soft, subtle colours – usually for the little ones, but some for us big ones too. She shares her beautiful designs on @studiogyth to her fast-growing gang of cheerleaders.

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