Dag O. Hessen
The story of the universe's most spectacular invention

What is life and how did it come about? In Life, Dag O. Hessen tries to build a bridge between the existential wonder we all feel and the prominent scientists who have attempted to give us concrete answers to these vast questions. The result is an ambitious but fittingly unpretentious and engaging tale of the jaw-dropping series of chances that led to the diversity of life on Earth today.

Life is a plea to the reader to be grateful for the winning ticket that every one of us has drawn, and a hope that a greater understanding of the millions of flukes that resulted in the planet’s diversity will also give us a stronger motivation to protect it.

Dag O. Hessen

Dag O. Hessen
Anne Valeur

Dag O. Hessen (b. 1956) is a Professor of Biology at the University of Oslo. He is a distinct voice in the debate on topics like evolution, climate, ecology and biology as a way of understanding humanity. He has written many scientific works on themes like ecology and evolution, and has also published a number of popular science books about evolution, biology and the environment. He has received several awards for his promotion of popular science.

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