Siv Kristin Olsen

Soft Knits
Sweaters, Vests and Jackets You Will Love

Siv Kristin is one of Norway’s most popular knitting designers. She’s famed for her beautiful, cheerful feminine designs in gorgeous colour combinations, which are loved by knitting enthusiasts and influencers both at home and abroad.

In this inspiring knitting book, she offers around 40 patterns for both beginners and more experienced knitters. This is modern Nordic knitwear for all occasions and in all sizes, with patterns for everything from hiking wear and super-soft cosy jumpers to perfect party tops, stripy cardigans and cool, chunky sweaters. You’re guaranteed to find a new favourite item of clothing or seven that you can knit for yourself.

This is a book that should come with a warning notice: Risk of rapid addiction!

Siv Kristin Olsen

Siv Kristin Olsen is one of Norway’s most popular knitwear designers. Her beautiful, feminine knitting patterns in the most gorgeous colour combinations are beloved of knitters in Norway and abroad.

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