Aleksander Myklebust
Encountering wild animals

Join wildlife photographer Aleksander Myklebust at work. Enthusiastically and with a good sense of humor he invites you into the Norwegian nature, searching for wild animals and birds. We meet foxes and moose in the
forest, reindeer and grouse in the mountains, and visit lively bird cliffs out in the jaws of the ocean. We even meet polar bears at the floating ice at Svalbard.
This book is for animal lovers and for everyone interested in the wild nature of Norway. With fabulous pictures supplemented with text right to the point, this book will be of special interest to younger readers as well.

Aleksander Myklebust

Aleksander Myklebust

Aleksander Myklebust was born in Tromsø (1993), grew up in Lillehammer (Olympic City of 1994), but lives in Oslo, the Capital of Norway. He is a photo journalist from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Despite his young age, he has received a range of awards for his photographs, amongst others in the most prestigious Wildlife photography competition in the world, The BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He
writes articles for a number of newspapers and magazines.

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