Gaute Heivoll and John Kenn Mortensen (ill.)

Tales of Estragon 2

Heivoll’s series for young and old about the seven deadly sins. This time
pride stands for fall in the sequel to the critically acclaimed sales success,
Rottefangeren fra Sorø (The Rat Catcher from Sorø).

A bootblack travels on stilts through Europe, guided by Our Lord Himself – or perhaps by a rat named Estragon. Sylvain lives a miserable life, ignored by his formidable mother Esmeralda. One day he puts on stilts and becomes the famous Monsieur Spott. Estragon senses that this could provide an opportunity to earn some money and joins Sylvain on his journey, bundled up in Sylvain's long underwear and armed with a revolver by his side

Gaute Heivoll and John Kenn Mortensen (ill.)

Gaute Heivoll (b. 1978) is an award-winning author who debuted in 2002. Heivoll had his big breakthrough with the novel Before I burn in 2010, and has since written a number books for both children and adults.
John Kenn Mortensen (b. 1978) is a highly acclaimed
Danish artist and illustrator. He lives in Copenhagen.

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The Rat Catcher from Sorø (Tales of Estragon 1)

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