Laila Madsö

How to be vegan in 28 days
Change your eating habits for good

Laila worked as a nonfiction publishing editor and found one plant based cooking book after the other, but no veggie guide that helped people change their eating habits in a simple but fun way.

This easy to follow guide-book shows you how to eat and cook vegan in 28 days - not by making extensive changes, but by practicing one simple task day by day, from dusting off the beans and crossed tomato cans in the far back of your kitchen cabinets, to figure out how to cook a knobby celeriac, to how to invigorate week-old vegetables, and how to not lose out on dinner invitations when your friends hear you eat only plant based now.

Enjoy 40 practical and easy to make recipes for healthy wholesome vegan food, as well as the vegan secret weapon; dressing, dips, purés and vinaigrettes that lifts every veggie meal to another level. Exactly enough recipes to get you through your Meatless Month, no more no less, which makes it easy to navigate and to find new every-day favorites. Inspiring diary content with 28 chapters such as: "Quick Fix and Soaking", "Wheat and Convenience Food", "Taste Buds, Fermenting and Umami-craving", "Prepare Meals Without Recipes", "Vegan On A Budget", "Vegan Diet For Men" (and why it is a good idea).

Laila Madsö

Vegan forfatterbilde
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Laila Madsö, a Swedish-Norwegian food editor, previous new yorker, feature journalist and health coach, used her back ground in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, to design an eating plan for modern day people. She has an extensive media background, and has worked as Chief Editor for lifestyle magazines and as a TV2 news reporter. She is the founder of
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