Sarah Hambro
Our World According to Bees

Our World According to Bees takes the reader on a journey into the mysterious and wonderful universe of bees, offering new perspectives on human society. This is a book for everyone interested in understanding why these honey makers are of such crucial importance that they have come to symbolize all the pollinator challenges of our times.

Hambro spins fascinating tales about the bees, illustrating how these tiny, striped, hard-working creatures organize their existence as a society with an advanced division of labour. She relates not only the history of bees, but also our own cultural history through the bees. She describes the queen bee’s wedding flight and the mysterious bee dance. She meets the musician who became a queen breeder, the doctor who heals with honey and the sommelier who explores the flavour nuances of honey.

Our World According to Bees contains a wonderful mixture of facts, bee philosophy and interview materials, interwoven with a sprinkling of surprising and fascinating anecdotes. Hambro also tells us what we can do to help the bees and create more bee-friendly environments.

Sarah Hambro

Sarah Hambro

Sarah Hambro has studied history and journalism at the University of Oregon and Columbia School of Journalism. Since 1995 she has been a journalist at the Norwegian national daily Dagens Næringsliv and writes about science, food and a host of other topics. Our World According to Bees is her first book.

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