Per Kristian Bjørkeng
Artificial intelligence
The invisible revolution

Artificial intelligence has long aroused the imaginations of both future optimists and the more dystopian. Will machines soon be able to do everything we ask them to? Do they want to take our jobs? Or at worst take over the globe? Many have not realized that artificial intelligence is already controlling much of our lives. Maybe not in the form of robots, but tiny little computer programs that work fundamentally different from the ones we know before. These revolutionary new tools bring with it new opportunities. And brand new problems. Do we understand what the technologists are doing together?

In this book, Per Kristian Bjørkeng gives an engaging introduction to a technology that can learn to manipulate crowds, diagnose diseases better than doctors, and drive a truck across the United States. He shows how it gives spectacular results in an increasing number of areas of society and maps what we can expect if development continues in the same way. He smashes myths, takes a crash course in machine learning and tells how a small research group in 2012 achieved a breakthrough that will lead to the future coming much earlier than the experts had expected.

Per Kristian Bjørkeng

Per Kristian Bjørkeng

Per Kristian Bjørkeng is a journalist with a long time at the newspaper Aftenposten. Today, he is the newspaper's only dedicated technology journalist, as well as co-director of the weekly Web TV program Technology magazine. He is a frequently used expert commentator in media and has previously written the book Nettkidsa (The kids using the web) (2011).

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