Aage Solbakk
What we believe in

Perhaps the title of this book ought to have been "What we used to believe in", thus stating how our pre-Christian religion no longer exists. Though that would not be entirely correct. We still hear and read about the Sámi noaidi - the Saami shamans today. Some have even chosen to come forward to tell the stories about their special abilities. In this book we will not meet the present-day noaidi, but rather learn what they represented before Christianity made its way into Sápmi (Sámiland).

Aage Solbakk

Aage Solbakk

Aage Solbakk (1943) born and raised in Deatnu/Tana, Norway. He lives near the Deatnu/Tana River and lives there as a salmon fisherman, wilderness practitioner and textbook author. His PhD in and passion for history shine through in his books, research and textbooks he has published so far. He has been working as an editor for Sámi publishing for many years.

Other titles

2001 Deanuleahki - sogat, historjá / Tanadalen - slekter, historie / The Tana valley – genus, history
2003 Jođi lea buoret go oru – Sátnevádjasat / Time is a ship ( Japanese, English, Norwegian and Dutch)
2003 Kulturhistorisk skriftserie. Volume 1.
2003 Tanas laksefiskehistorie - redskaper - begreper. / The salmon fishing history in Tana.
2004 Leastadianisma/ Leastadianism
2005 Samer er trollmenn i norsk historie / the Sámi are the trolls in Norwegian history
2006 Time Is A Ship That Never Casts Anchor
2006 Bures daddjon / Well-said (Sámi proverbs)
2006 Bálvvosbáikkit ja noaiddesvuohta Deatnogáttis/ Places of worship and shamanism in the Tana valley
2007 Dállodoallu/ The rise and evolution of animal husbandry in Northern Sápmi: history, advise and terms
2007 Čáhcegáttesámiid kultuvra / Den elvesamiske kulturen / the culture of the River Sami
2009 Barfi – Beaska/ Sami clothing from 1500-1900
2009 Sápmi & Máilbmi - Nuoraidskuvla Historjá 1/ Sámiland and the world – history book
2009 What we believe in - Expanded edition
Noaidevuohta - An introduction to the religion of the northern Saami
2009 Sámit bálvalusas Alaskas / The Sámi in Alaska
2010 Sápmi & Máilbmi - Nuoraidskuvla historjá 2/ Sámiland and the world – history book 2
2011 The Salmon Lords take over Deatnu/the Tana River
2011 DEATNU-TANA – den beste lakseelva / Deatnu-Tana – the best salmon river
2012 Sámit áiggiid čađa 1 / Sámi throughout the ages
2012 Nature Heals
2012 Sámit áiggiid čađa 2 / Sámi throughout the ages
2012 Báikenamat Sámis 1 - Stedsnavn i Sápmi 1 / City names in Sámiland
2014 Sámi Reindeer Herders in Alaska
2015 Báikenamat Sámis 2 - Stedsnavn i Sápmi 2
2016 SÁMI BEAKKÁNAT/ Famous Sámi people throughout the ages
2016 Hva vi tror på/ What we believe in – new edition
2017 Polmak reinsogn- Utviklingen av reindriften i Polmak reinsogn / Polmak reindeerherding parish –
the development of reindeer in the Polmak region.
2018 Laksen Vår / Luossa lei min / The salmon was ours
2019 Sámegiella áiggiid čađa / The Sámi written language throughout the ages.

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