Raandulf Valle
Outdoor Life in Finnmark

Finnmark is Norway’s largest county. In this book, the author presents a varied selection of his favourite trips involving all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain skiing, glacier walking, sports fishing, birdwatching, Northern lights hunting, dog-sledding and canoeing.

We learn about the county’s geography, flora, fauna and history. The book is both a source of inspiration and a practical planning tool for anybody who’s interested in outdoor activities, wherever they come from.

Raandulf Valle

Randulf Valle (1974-) has a doctorate in metallurgy, but is best known as an adventurer and photographer and as the author of eight books. He was editor of the magazine Friluftsliv (Outdoor Life) from 2004 to 2013, and is a member of the jury for the Helge Ingstad prize.

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