Marthe Landsem
The Sound of Winter Mittens Applauding

The sound of winter mittens applauding -- and a thousand other things to make you happy.

The scent of rain on warm asphalt. The first sip of coffee in the morning. White curtains fluttering in the breeze out an open veranda door in the summer.
This book is a tribute to all those tiny moments we experience every day, from good friends or much needed time alone, our closest relationships or strangers on the street, the quiet of nature or the bustling of the city. Everything that makes life worth living.

Norway has been named the happiest country in the world by the United Nations. We have an enormous amount of freedom, generosity, trust and honesty, good health, equality, transparency and democracy. In addition we have nature and the four seasons we must relate to. How is this expressed in our lives? Are we aware enough to catch the small perks which we after all, are immersed in?

Everyone can, from time to time benefit from a reminder of all the amazing things life has to offer. The1001 joys that are gathered between the covers of this book will help you along the way -- and will quite certainly make you more aware of the happy experiences you didn’t realise surround you.

Marthe Landsem

Marthe Landsem

Marthe Landsem is a freelance online journalist. She also runs courses and motivates both older and as well as new beginners on the internet. She believes that we should focus on what we are for rather than what we are against, and cheer the wonders in our daily life.

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