Per Schreiner

The Beast

The Beast ­­– partly Mary Shelley, partly Wes Craven, partly Samuel Beckett, but completely Per Schreiner.

On a jog through the woods one quiet spring day, Knut gets bitten by an animal. A day later, his body begins to change. Small growths appear around his throat. His sense of smell grows stronger, and he is struck by an inexplicable hunger. In any case, nobody reacts to the changes he is going through – neither his wife, his daughter, nor the neighbours in his pretty surburbia. Even Knut himself doesn’t know what to believe. Perhaps it’s not so bad after all; life goes on. A beast still has to do the laundry. A beast still has to make the dinner.

A dark little pearl.

Vårt Land

What an excellent time this book provides, one where you can feel your fangs growing a tiny bit.

Dagens Næringsliv

The Beast is a strange, fascinating book about a man gradually turning into an animal.


For young writers, The Beast is a real find. Study and note what the writer does, and how. And do the same. Again and again. Novels like this only come from repeated practice and a keen eye for what shouldn’t be there.
5 out of 6 stars


Once again, Schreiner has delivered a compelling and highly readable novel. It must now be safe to assert without question that he has written his way into being one of contemporary literature’s most distinguished figures.
5 out of 6 stars

Stavanger Aftenblad

Per Schreiner

Paal Audestad

Per Schreiner (born 1965 in Oslo) has written for film, radio, TV and the stage. He is perhaps best known for the script of The Bothersome Man (2006) and as one of the authors behind the TV series Struggle for Life (2014–15). His fiction debut was the short story collection My Father’s Five Baths (2015).

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