Ingvild Lothe

Mermaid Heart

After the critically acclaimed poetry Why Am I So Sad When I Am So Cute, Mermaid Heart is Ingvild Lothe’s debut as a novelist.

Mermaid Heart centres on the sea and its myths – such as mermaids and the darkness in its depths – but also on plastic, migrants drowning in the Mediterranean, being open to the world, loss and violence, wildlife and its importance to us humans.

Mermaid Heart is a poetic fragmentary novel that moves through the four seasons; where reality is warped and terrifying, and connection is impossible because the body holds on to grief too tightly; but where with spring, comes hope.

With her first novel, Ingvild Lothe takes care of the poet within. […] The novel is twisted, dark, painful, strange – and funny. And it kicks off with a bang from the very first page.

Dag og Tid

Lothe follows up her successful poetry collection Why Am I So Sad When I’m So Cute (2016) with a strong prose poem constructed liked a fragmented novel, about broken love, existential ambivalence and ocean depths just as vast and close as the starry sky.
5 out of 6 stars


There is significant linguistic skill on display in Ingvild Lothe’s work. [...] Violent relationships, plastic in the oceans and underwater girl power. Luckily, Ingvild Lothe remains true to form in her testing of the novel as a format.
5 out of 5 stars


Once again, Lothe has written a book that made a great impression on me [...] Lothe employs very beautiful and poetic language and writes with great tenderness, often about what is painful and vulnerable. But she’s also cutting, her language razor-sharp.
5 out of 6 stars

Beathes bokhylle

Ingvild Lothe

Stephen Butkus

Ingvild Lothe, born in 1990, grew up in Stord in Hordaland and now lives in Oslo. She studied Author Studies in Bø and has previously published the booklet ‘Half a mind to fuck, half a mind to die’ with the chapbook publisher AVF Press. Why Am I So Sad When I Am So Pretty? is her first book.

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