Bobbie Peers
William Wenton and the Apocalypse Generator

William Wenton #4

William and Iscia have been sent to Sahara to help the Depository for Impossible Archaeology at a dig. A massive, mysterious orb has landed right in the middle of the desert, and only William can solve the code that will open it. But what if he succeeds? Will he be unleashing a new Pandora’s box on the world?

Old family secrets and codes from outer space have William and Ischia on the hunt for a doomsday machine of apocalyptic proportions in the fourth installment of the internationally acclaimed William Wenton series.

Bobbie Peers

Bobbie Peers
Sofia Runarsdotter

Bobbie Peers (b. 1974) made his mark on Norwegian film history when he in 2006 won a Palme d’Or for his Sniffer, written and directed by Peers himself. The award became the first of many milestones in the London International Film School graduate’s career as a director and film writer. 2015 witnessed the multi-talented Peers’ debut as a children’s books author. William Wenton and the Luridium Thief is the first book in a forthcoming series featuring the code breaking whizz William.

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