Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen


One man.
One destiny.
A new continent.

After the Battle of Svolder, Torstein and his family must flee west to escape the avenging wrath of Olaf Tryggvason’s men. Torstein has become the chieftain of a band of Jomsvikings, and sets out in search of the fabled larch forests said to be found across the ocean. He plans to become a shipbuilder and grow rich, creating a future for himself and his family.
But Torstein, once an enslaved warrior, is soon forced to fight for his life and the reunification of his kin. Vinland gives readers a unique insight into the lives of North America’s first settlers – as well as the conflicts that arose with the area’s mighty indigenous communities.
This is the second novel in the Jomsviking series, but it can also be read as a stand-alone work. The first book in the series, Jomsviking, burst straight onto Norway’s bestseller lists and currently has a total print run of 40,000 copies.

Review for Jomsviking: "This is first and foremost a fantastic story"

Cathrine Kröger, Dagbladet, 6 of 6

Review for Jomsviking: "A fascinating epic."

Finn Stenstad, Tønsbergs blad, 6 of 6

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Bjørn andreas bull hansen portrett

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen was born in 1972. His debut collection of short stories, Seven Tales from the Western Forest (Syv historier fra Vestskogen), was published in 1996, and he has since written a range of novels within various genres.
His international breakthrough came in 2017 with the novel Jomsviking, the first book in a sweeping historical series from the Viking age. Bull-Hansen is known for his gripping stories and vivid portrayals of human destinies. He also maintains an extremely popular YouTube channel dedicated to Viking culture.

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Poland, Czarna Owca
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Other titles

Jomsviking (2017)
Isac (Isak) 2015
Ragnarok (Ragnarok) 2012
Before the Nine Worlds end (Før de ni verdener styrter) 2011
The Jotun’s return (Jotnens hjemkomst) 2010
The Red Bull (Den røde oksen) 2008
The Anubis Trilogy (Anubis-trilogien) 2004-2007
The Tale of The Antlered God (Horngudens tale) 1996-2004

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