Karin Kolås
Hope´s Path

This is a story about Hope, a girl who is bullied by some of her classmates at school. On her way home, Hope decides to explore a mysterious path across an old stone bridge. She suddenly finds herself in an enchanted place, where creatures of the forest become her guides on a path of discovery. At the end of the path, Hope unexpectedly finds a clue to the source of her inner strength.

Beautifully illustrated, Hope´s Path is a motivational book for children of all ages, highlighting the capacities of the targeted child herself, and offering inspiration. Hope´s Path is a story about a girl´s discovery of her own sources of inner strength and motivation, inspired by the magical beauty and wonder of nature.

Karin Kolås

Karin Kolås
Photo: Marta Lystad Johansen

Karin Kolås lives in Ørsta, Norway. Anes veg is her first children's book.

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