Kari Smeland

The Crowdive Family and the Sneeze in the House Next Door

The huge and boisterous Crowdive family lives in an old and dilapidated house. There is only one other house in the neighborhood, and no one has lived there since uncle Sigurd was a boy. But one day the youngest of the twins suspects that someone has moved in.
The investigation of the house next door strings together and abundance of absurd events and with its vibrant ideas the book is a joy to read aloud. Beautifully printed and illustrated it also makes it easy for children to read for themselves. Suitable for 7 to 10 year olds.

Illustrated by Mona Brekke.

Kari Smeland

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Photo: Tove K. Breistein

Kari Smeland (b. 1984) holds a Bachelor's degree in History and Social Studies and works as a librarian. In 2014 Smeland wrote the children’s novel Circus Ruckus (Sirkus Spetakkel).

Mona Brekke (b. 1975) works with drawings and installations.

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