Henrik Svensen
In High Places - A Personal, Historical and Scientific Approach to The World's Greatest Mountain Ranges

This is a creative, well written and entertaining book about what we have known, what we know and what we want to know about mountains. Central themes are how these landscapes affect us and how they are formed. People have always beenfascinated by mountains. Peaks and ranges have been regarded as fearful and sacred, terrible and enigmatic, beautiful and symbolic. In many cultures, mountains are still sacred, and have superior symbolic meaning.

The author of this book is a geologist but his interests in mountains transgress all academic disciplines. The mountain and their history are fascinating in themselves, but Henrik Svensen is also interested in how people relate to mountains, be it mountaineers, climbers, philosophers or geologists. Moreover, he follows his own personal project: Will he, the urban academic, manage to follow his dreams and become a man devoted to mountain life and exploration?

Prepare for an unusual reading experience and knowledge you didn’t even know you missed. The mountain hike will never be the same after reading this book.

Henrik Svensen

Henrik Svensen

Henrik Svensen (b. 1970) is a geologist at the University in Oslo, where he conducts research on dramatic events in the history of the earth.
His first book, The End Is Nigh - A Human History of Natural Disasters (2006), is sold to five countries.

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