Kari Smeland
Circus Ruckus

Nine years old Ada loves the life on the road together with the scruffy circus clowns Mikko and Rasmus. Ada has stayed with the clowns as long as she can remember. They all live in a motor caravan and travel around with their little circus.

Circus Ruckus is the most amusing and the best circus you can imagine. But one day, the idyll is shattered. The creepy circus director, Ratface, wants to take Circus Ruckus off the road. And in the town behind the rugged mountains the contest for the circus throne begins and also the search for of a mother that Ada does not remember. Towards the end of the novel we understand that it is Ratface who has prevented Ada’s mother from being with her. Ada and the two clowns find the mother and participate in the important contest.

Circus Ruckus is a warm and humoristic story about the struggle between friends and foes. It is a book about friendship, love, and the longing for a mother.

Illustrated by Bibbi Omtveit.

Kari Smeland

Kari Smeland
Photo: Tove K. Breistein

Kari Smeland holds a Bachelor's degree in History and Social Studies. She lives in Oslo and works as a librarian. Smeland’s debut book was The Crowdive Family (Familien Kråkestup) in 2011. Dagbladet’s reviewer wrote: "Fantastic first children's book about an eccentric family. The Crowdive Family is reminiscent of the works of Anne Cath. Vestly, Roald Dahl and Astrid Lindgren.“

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