Paul Russell Garrett

Translates from Norwegian into English

Paul translates from Norwegian and Danish into English, with drama holding a particular interest for him. He has translated a dozen plays and heads up the theatre translator mentoring programme for Foreign Affairs theatre company in London. His translation of Lars Mytting’s The Sixteen Trees of the Somme was long-listed for the International Dublin Literary Award in 2019.

Paul has served on the committee of the UK Translators Association and is the current chair of the Association of Danish-English Literary Translators (DELT) . He is one of the founding members of the translator collective, The Starling Bureau, and teaches Danish at the University of Westminster.

Translated by Paul Russell Garrett

Siri Pettersen : Evna , The Might, 2022, Arctis – Co‑translator: Siân Mackie

Siri Pettersen : Råta , The Rot, 2021, Arctis – Co‑translator: Siân Mackie

Siri Pettersen : Odinsbarn , Odin's Child, 2021, Arctis US – Co‑translator: Siân Mackie

Jens M Johansson, John Arne Riise : Fordeler og ulemper ved å være John Arne Riise , Running Man, 2018, deCoubertin

Lars Mytting : Svøm med dem som drukner , The Sixteen Trees of the Somme, 2017, MacLehose Press

Eirik Vold : Hugo Chávez: Revansjen , The Bolivarian Revolution from Up Close, 2016, Irene Publishing