Yang-Leng Liu(劉恙冷)

Translates from Norwegian into Chinese (complex)

Born in Changhua, Taiwan and having studied philosophy and Scandinavian languages at the University of Greifswald in Germany with an Erasmus exchange year at the University of Bergen in Norway, I started off as a book translator in 2020 by transcribing the first two volumes of Eine Geschichte der Philosophie by the German philosophical author Richard David Precht from German into traditional Chinese, and later went on to translate my first Norwegian title, which is Jostein Gaarder's most recent non-fictional work Det er vi som er her nå (It Is We Who Are Here Now).

Currently still working on my second Norwegian title and very first fictional work - En tid for alt (A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven) by Karl Ove Knausgård, I aim to introduce more of the Nordic - especially Norwegian - literary heritage to Taiwanese readers, as it is still largely unknown to said audience.

Translated by Yang-Leng Liu(劉恙冷)

From Norwegian into traditional Chinese:

Karl Ove Knausgård, 卡爾・奧韋・克瑙斯高 : En tid for alt , 萬物皆有時(中文書名暫定), to be published in late 2023, 木馬文化 (ongoing project)

Jostein Gaarder, 喬斯坦・賈德 : Det er vi som er her nå - en livsfilosofi , 此時此刻,我們相遇:一部人生哲學, 2023, 木馬文化

From German into traditional Chinese:

Richard David Precht, 理察・大衛・普列希特 : Erkenne die Welt - eine Geschichte der Philosophie 1 , 認識世界:西洋哲學史卷一(從古代到中世紀), 2021, 商周出版

Richard David Precht, 理察・大衛・普列希特 : Erkenne dich selbst - eine Geschichte der Philosophie 2 , 認識自己:西洋哲學史卷二(從文藝復興到德國觀念論), 2021, 商周出版 – Co‑translator: Yu-An Chou(周予安)