Moheye Abdelghani

Translates from Norwegian into Arabic

I was absolutely the first translator who translated directly  from Norwegian to Arabic. The book was a norwegian novel, its original name is   :  "Die utstøyte frå Israels hus", Aslaug Høydal, Dreyers Forlag A/S, 1987. The titel can be translated to english : The Excluded (or the ostracized) From Israel’s House, Aslaug Høydal, Dreyers publishing, 1987. It was published in Cairo 1998.

I was also the first translator who translated a social science book in anthropology written by one of the most known Norwegian professors in anthropology at University of Oslo. His name is Thomas Hylland Eriksen. And the book title in Norwegian is “Kulturelle Veikryss”, , Universitetsforlaget 2ed. Ed. 1995. The name in English is: Cultural crossroads.

Translated by Moheye Abdelghani

Pål Brekke, بول بريكا : SOLA, vår livgivende stjerne , الشمس - النجم الذي يهبنا الحياة, 2016, المركز القومي للترجمة، القاهرة - مصر – Co‑translator: non