Mariana Windingland

Translates from Norwegian into Spanish

Born into a multicultural family in Argentina, I have had the opportunity to work and study in Norway, Sweden, Canada and the U.S., thus, cross-cultural communication has been essential in my career. I am an active speaker at book fairs and conferences where I promote the Norwegian language and culture, and I have been teaching my second tongue for quite some time.

I started translating literary works and drama pieces directly from Norwegian in the last decade. NORLA has given financial support to all of my publications, as well as to several of my lectures, dissertations and travels. I have been regularly participating in their Translator's Pastry Shop, a friendly forum for collegial meetings and professional exchange. In autumn 2022 I was granted a stay at their Translator's Hotel scheme in Oslo to research on H. Ibsen and A. Lygre, and now I am looking forward to participate of the translator’s conference at Kløfta in June 2023.

Translated by Mariana Windingland

Inga H. Sætre : Fallteknikk , El arte de caer, 2022, Pijama Books - Pez Dorado Ediciones

Kristin Roskifte : Alle sammen teller , Todos contamos, 2022, Leetra

Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen : Ballen , Pelota, 2019, Niño

Kari Tinnen, Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Kari Tinnen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen : Barbie-Nils og pistolproblemet , Barbie y Milo, una historia de amor, 2017, Niño

Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen : Livredd i Syden , Mi pequeño gran papá, 2016, Niño

Arne Lygre : Mann uten hensikt , Hombre sin propósito, 2015, EDUVIM

Arne Lygre : Jeg forsvinner , Desaparezco, 2015, EDUVIM