Mariana Windingland

Translates from Norwegian into Spanish

Intercultural translation has been essential in my carrer. I have worked both in the public and private sectors and, while living in different countries, I have been involved in several collaborative artistic projects that included working in Norwegian, English, French, occationaly Swedish, and of course in Spanish, my mother language.

As a freelance translator I have experience within the audiovisual and theater sectors, and in the last ten years I have been a full-time employee in the publishing industry (worldwide digital books distribution), working both in English and Spanish.

When it comes to Norwegian, I have translated contemporary drama and childrenbooks that were published in Spanish with the financial support of NORLA.

Translated by Mariana Windingland

Inga H. Sætre : Fallteknikk, El arte de caer, 2022, Pijama Books - Pez Dorado Ediciones

Kristin Roskifte : Alle sammen teller, Todos contamos, 2022, Leetra

Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen : Ballen, Pelota, 2019, Niño

Kari Tinnen, Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Kari Tinnen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen : Barbie-Nils og pistolproblemet, Barbie y Milo, una historia de amor, 2017, Niño

Mari Kanstad-Johnsen, Mari Kanstad Johnsen : Livredd i Syden, Mi pequeño gran papá, 2016, Niño

Arne Lygre : Mann uten hensikt, Hombre sin propósito, 2015, EDUVIM

Arne Lygre : Jeg forsvinner, Desaparezco, 2015, EDUVIM