Eva Valvo

Translates from Norwegian into Italian

Born in Denmark and raised in Italy in a Danish-Italian family, Eva Valvo did Classical studies at the University of Pisa, where she wrote her PhD thesis on Saxo Grammaticus’ “History of Denmark”, composed in Latin in the 12th century. Her love for translation has its seeds in her university years, but she started to work as a full-time literary translator in 2012. She is an active literary scout specialised in Danish and Norwegian literature for children and YA.
She is a board member of the translators’ union Strade that she represents at CEATL, the Europan Council of Literary Translators' Associations.
She is a tireless cultural promoter and organiser: project co-ordinator of two peer-to-peer seminars, “Viceversa” for Danish-Italian literary translators and “Laboratorio Nordico” for translators from Nordic languages into Italian. Since 2017, she co-ordinates translation events within two book festivals in Palermo, Una Marina di Libri and Festival delle Letterature Migranti.

Translated by Eva Valvo

Håkon Øvreås : Svartle, Neri X, 2021, Giunti

Nora Dåsnes : Ti kniver i hjertet, Ti kniver i hjertet (Italian title TBA), 2020, Mondadori

Maja Lunde : Snøsøsteren, Sorella di neve, 2020, Giunti

Nina Brochmann - Ellen Støkken Dahl : Jenteboka, Cose da ragazze, 2020, Sonzogno – Co‑translator: Claudia Valeria Letizia

Julie Andem : SKAM 1-4, SKAM 1-4, 2020, Giunti – Co‑translator: Margherita Podestà Heir

Håkon Øvreås : Brune, Aaron X, 2020, Giunti