Sara Høyrup

Translates from Norwegian into Danish English Spanish

I master the art of passing any kind of Norwegian into proper Danish, not a pale copy of Norwegian with weird Danish spelling.

Example: "toget" in the sense of parade or procession is called "optoget" in Danish. Not simply "toget", as I have seen it translated.

I work into Spanish and English too. I use native text editors when I do, before handing in the text.

I studied Spanish and English philology. I have a Master's degree in conference interpreting. I have done simultaneous interpreting from Norwegian for North Atlantic Cooperation (NORA).

I own, dealing mostly in high-end interpreting. We also offer written translation of all kinds of texts, if you are on the look-out for other language combinations and have the budget for it.

I have studied journalism and taken crash courses in adult education and professional presentation. I live in Barcelona where I organize study tours. I give talks on Catalan nationalism and the role of the State in Scandinavia.

Translated by Sara Høyrup

Aage Borchgrevink : En norsk tragedie , En norsk tragedie, 2014, Rosinante

Åsne Seierstad : Hundre og én dag , Ciento y un días, 2008, Maeva

Åsne Seierstad : Bokhandleren i Kabul , El librero de Kabul, 2005, Maeva