Monica Manzella

Translates from Norwegian into Italian

Born near Milan (Italy) in 1990, I have been a literary translator since 2017. I specialized in 2016 in Translation Theory and Technique with a MA dissertation on translation for children from Norwegian into Italian. During my academic studies, I had the possibility to acquire an overall ability to understand Danish and Swedish, as well as translate literary texts from all the three Scandinavian languages into Italian.
Working firstly at the public library of a small town and secondly at Hoepli International Bookstore in Milan, whilst attending courses and seminars on literary translation, allowed me to gain a deeper insight on books and publishing mechanisms, to the point of deciding, in September 2018, to devote myself completely to literary translation.
I am now a full-time translator and publisher’s reader, working with Norwegian, English and German texts, and collaborating with several Italian publishing houses, including DeAgostini, Garzanti, Baldini+Castoldi and Sonzogno.

Translated by Monica Manzella

Hedvig Montgomery : Miraklenes tid. 0-2 år, L'età dei miracoli. 0-2 anni, 2020, DeAgostini

Are Kalvø : Hyttebok frå helvete, Norwegian f**k. Il metodo scandinavo per imparare a conoscere la natura. E starne alla larga per sempre, 2019, Baldini+Castoldi

Hedvig Montgomery : Foreldremagi, Sette passi per crescere figli indipendenti e felici, 2019, DeAgostini

Reidar Müller : Skogens historie, Il richiamo del lupo. Nel profondo nord, sulle tracce del principe delle foreste, 2019, Sonzogno

Iben Akerlie : Lars er LOL, Il mio amico a testa in giù, 2018, DeA Planeta