Alison McCullough

Translates from Norwegian into English

I’m a Norwegian to English translator and writer based in Stavanger, Norway.

Originally from a small mining community in the north of England, I hold a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford and an MA in Film Studies from University College London. In 2017 I was awarded a National Centre for Writing Emerging Translator Mentorship, through which I was mentored by translator Kari Dickson, and in 2019 was one of two runners-up in the international Asymptote Journal Close Approximations Translation Contest with my translation from Tore Kvæven’s novel When the Land Darkens (Når landet mørknar).

I have ten years of experience as a freelance commercial translator, copywriter and editor, and have translated a broad range of literary texts across fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children.

For details of my latest projects, please see my website:

Translated by Alison McCullough

Silje O. Ulstein : Krypdyrmemoarer, Reptile Memoirs, 2022, forthcoming from Grove Atlantic

Tore Skeie : Hvitekrist, The Wolf Age, 2021, forthcoming from Pushkin Press

Klara Hveberg : Lene din ensomhet langsomt mot min, Lean Your Loneliness Slowly Against Mine, 2021, forthcoming from HarperVia

Helene Flood : Terapeuten, The Therapist, 2021, forthcoming from MacLehose Press

Kenneth Moe : Rastløs, Restless, 2020, Nordisk Books

Anita Kåss and Jørgen Jelstad : Mamma er en gåte: Når kroppen angriper seg selv, The Immune Mystery, 2020, forthcoming from Greystone Books

Øystein Ustvedt : Munch: en introduksjon til livet og bildene, Edvard Munch: An Inner Life, 2020, Thames & Hudson

Thomas Reinertsen Berg : Verdensteater: Kartenes historie, Theatre of the World: The Maps That Made History, 2018, Hodder & Stoughton (UK) / Little, Brown (US)