Irene Peroni

Translates from Norwegian into Italian

I am an Italian journalist and literary translator based in Oslo.

Struck by the wild and pristine Norwegian nature while travelling in my late teens, I started studying Norwegian at university ("La Sapienza", Rome). During and after my studies I was awarded three scholarships to do some literary research in Oslo.

In addition to my BA (Italian "laurea quadriennale") in German literature and culture, I hold a Masters in International Journalism from City University, London. I later worked as a journalist for the BBC for five years.

I have been contributing to major Italian media outlets with stories on Norway and Italy since moving o Norway in 2008.

I am also a member of Norsk Oversetterforening and of Italy's "Ordine dei giornalisti - elenco professionisti".

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Translated by Irene Peroni

Siri Pettersen , Siri Pettersen : Evna (Ravneringene) , Il Dono (Raven rings), 2019, Multiplayer Edizioni

Siri Pettersen : Råta (Ravneringene) , Il Marciume (Raven rings), 2018, Multiplayer Edizioni

Siri Pettersen : Odinsbarn (Ravneringene) , La figlia di Odino (Raven rings), 2017, Multiplayer Edizioni

Unni Lindell : Brudekisten , La terza vittima, 2016, Newton Compton

Unni Lindell : Djevelkysset , Il caso della donna sepolta nel bosco , 2015, Newton Compton

Unni Lindell : Sukkerdøden , Dolce come la morte, 2013, Newton Compton

Unni Lindell : Mørkemannen , L'ultima casa a sinistra , 2012, Newton Compton

Unni Lindell : Honningfellen , La trappola di miele, 2011, Newton Compton

Tarjei Vesaas : Is-slottet , Il castello di ghiaccio, 2001, Iperborea