John Irons

Translates from Norwegian into English

I was born in Harrogate, Yorkshire in 1942 and studied medieval and modern languages (German, Dutch and French) at Cambridge University, where I subsequently also did a doctorate in poetic imagery on the Dutch poet P.C. Boutens. I have a Scandinavian degree in English and German from Lund and Odense respectively. I taught English at Odense University until 1979, and English and German at Odense College of Education until 2007. I have translated professionally since the mid 1980s, mainly from Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Dutch. For a fuller impression of what I have translated, please go to the CV at my blogspot .

Translated by John Irons

Three most recent translations

Synne Lea & Stian Hole: Nattevakt. Night Guard. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, 2016.
I'd love the key to the master lock (Vol. 1) Score for a longer conversation (Vol. 2) The life and work of the Norwegian sculptor Bård Breivik. Arnoldsche, 2016.
Ultima Thule – Kurt Schwitters and Norway. Orfeus, 2016. (Translated from Norwegian and certain parts from German).
Gøhril Gabrielsen: Svimlende muligheter, ingen frykt. The Looking-Glass Sisters. Peirene Press, 2015.