Heidi Marie Kriznik
You can sleep here

Anja has been married to Said for almost three years, but the last 6 months they have been living apart. Anja desperately wants to start her life anew, but she feels responsibility toward Said, who is still waiting for his permanent residence permit. Then Anja's father dies, and the same day he is buried, she gets a visit from the immigration police, who wants to check if she and Said are still living together. She is unable to lie, and Said is forced to move in again in a desperate attempt to get the permit. And while Said hopes they can become a couple again, Anja meets a new man.

You Can Sleep Here is a raw, passionate and maybe impossible love story, a novel about differences and about solidarity put to the test.

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‘Something is at stake in Kriznik’s novels. This time it is the permanent residency ... Her intimate portrayal of people is effectively contrasted with a faceless system which puts people’s lives in danger.
A new and significant novel by a writer who will be interesting to follow.’

Dagens Næringsliv

‘an important, topical and interesting novel […] a joy to read.’

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Heidi Marie Kriznik

Heidi Marie Kriznik

Heidi Marie Kriznik lives in Oslo. Applause (Applaus) was her first novel, and it won her the prestigious Tarjei Vesaas' First Book Award 2002. In 2007 she published the novel Gone one Winter (Borte en vinter).

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