Dag Johan Haugerud
The Meaning of Me

A middle-aged librarian reluctantly agrees to film a wedding. She has never before held a video camera in her hands, and experiences for the first time how the camera gives her a whole new perspective on the world. And her film turns out surprisingly good – she is excited to have discovered a hidden talent and starts dreaming of developing it further.

But her son, who has ambitions of his own, feels threatened by his mother’s intrusion into what he considers his area. His jealousy creates a conflict between the two greater than any of them could envisage.

An agonizing and deeply absorbing novel about ambitions, self-respect, motherly love and selflessness, The Meaning of Me raises the question: Who is entitled to artistic self-fulfillment?

Dag Johan Haugerud

Dag Johan Haugerud

Dag Johan Haugerud is a librarian, a filmmaker and a writer. The Meaning of Me is his third novel.

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