Helga Flatland

Everyone wants to go home. No none wants to go back

Julie has lost her brother. Tarjei died in Afghanistan, and so did Kristian and Trygve. They were all from the same village. Tarjei’s death leads to the dissolution of the family. Her parents can’t handle their son’s death, nor keep up with the farm work. Paradoxically, this becomes Julie’s great chance to achieve her dreams. She has always wanted to take over the farm, and her new effort is perhaps just as much a mark of her own ambitions, as it is a sign of empathy and duty.

Julie is one of three narrators in the novel. The very depressed neighbour boy, Sigurd, who was in love with Trygve, carries another part of the narration. The third, Julie’s estranged boyfriend, Mats, brings the outsider’s perspective to the story.

Helga Flatland

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Helga Flatland is a copywriter with a bachelor degree in Norwegian language and literature. She currently lives in Oslo. She won the Youths' Critics’ Award 2010/2011 for her highly acclaimed first novel Stay If You Can. Leave if You Must. (2010). This is the first time a woman has won the prize.

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Bulgarian (Perseus Publishing House), Danish (Batzer & Co)

Other titles

Wing Loading, 2015
There Is No Whole, 2013
Everyone Wants to Go Home. No One Wants to Go Back, 2011
Stay If You Can. Leave If You Must, 2010

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The Tarjei Vesaas’ First Book Prize 2010
The Young Critics Award 2010
The Aschehoug First Book Scholarship 2010

The P2-radio listeners’ novel prize 2010

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