Tonje Røed
Lovely prospects

Newlywed Emma deserves only the best. That’s why she has left everything behind and moved with her husband Andreas to Venezuela, where her new upper-class existence offers everything she ever dreamt of. She loves the sweet desserts, the shopping sprees and the cold wine; she even loves the danger she runs of being mugged in the streets – it makes her feel valuable, treasured.

But soon, Andreas can no longer satisfy Emma’s needs for love and attention and in her hunt for better options, Emma sets off a spiral of destruction that sucks in everyone around her.

A distorted, Bovaryish portrait of a self-absorbed woman, Lovely Prospects is a mercilessly heartbreaking novel, written with intensity and humor of the darkest kind.

Oktober 2011

Tonje Røed

Tonje Røed
Photo: Clara Copley

Tonje Røed (b 1972) entered the literary scene in 1999 with the short story collection Ferie. Lovely Prospects is her second novel.

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