Helga Flatland

Stay If You Can. Leave If You Must.

Three young boys who have been friends since childhood decide to enlist in the Norwegian armed forces in Afghanistan. None of them return. Why did they go? What about the ones they left behind? What influence our choices – whether we stay or leave?

The novel is about growing up in, being surrounded by and breaking loose from a safe place that no longer feels safe. Stay If You Can. Leave If You Must is a mature debut with a well tuned literary voice.

Awarded the Tarjei Vesaas’ First Book Prize 2010, The Young Critics Award 2010, the Aschehoug First Book Scholarship 2010.
Nominated for the P2-radio listeners’ novel prize 2010.

Helga Flatland

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Helga Flatland is a copywriter with a bachelor degree in Norwegian language and literature. She currently lives in Oslo. If You Can Stay, Remain. Leave, If You Must. is her literary debut.

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Albanian (Shkupi), Bulgarian (Perseus), Czech (Větrné mlýny), Danish (Batzer & Co)

Other titles

Wing Loading, 2015
There Is No Whole, 2013
Everyone Wants to Go Home. No One Wants to Go Back, 2011
Stay If You Can. Leave If You Must, 2010

Foreign rights

Oslo Literary Agency
Annette Orre
Literary Agent, Literary Fiction
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