Roy Jacobsen
Child Wonder

Little Finn lives with his mother at Årvoll, Oslo. During the year of the Berlin Wall and Jurij Gagarin, life is electrical, beautiful and stubbornly social-democratic. But one day a mysterious little half-sister arrives “with an atom-charge in a light blue suitcase” and turns life upside-down. This powerful depiction of childhood shows how wonderful and how dangerous it is to be a child.

'What a wonderful novel!'


'A book that makes you laugh and cry – what more can you wish for? That it does not end after 264 pages, but lasts into next week … Vidunderbarn is nothing less than a perfect masterpiece.'


'A new addition to an extraordinarily rich authorship.'


'If Vidunderbarn will not be one of the bestselling titles this fall, I don’t understand any of the mechanisms in Norwegian book business.'


Roy Jacobsen

Roy Jacobsen
Photo: Siv-Elin Nærø

Roy Jacobsen has since his literary début in 1982 with the short story collection Fangeliv evolved into an original, strong and analytical writer with a special interest in the underlying psychology at play in human relationships and actions. He is a wonderful storyteller with obvious political engagement. He has twice been nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literary Award: for Seierherrene in 1991, and Frost in 2003. He was also short-listed for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2009 for his novel Hoggerne.

Rights sold to

Albania, Azerbajdjan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany,Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA

Other titles

Fangeliv, short stories 1982.
Hjertetrøbbel, novel 1984.
Det nye vannet, novel 1987.
Seierherrene, novel 1991.
Fata Morgana, novel 1992.
Den høyre armen, novel 1994.
Ismael, novel 1998.
Grenser, novel 1999.
Det nye vinduet, short stories 2002.
Frost, novel 2003.
Hoggerne, novel 2005.
Marions slør, novel 2007.

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Tarjei Vesaas´ First Work of Fiction Prize 1982.
The Norwegian Literary Critics´ Prize 1989.
The Booksellers´ Prize 1991 for Seierherrene.
Ivar-Lo Prize 1994.
The Municipality of Oslo´s Artist´s Prize 1994.
The Cappelen Prize 1997.
The Gyldendal Award 2006.

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