Tore Renberg
The Orheim Company

Jarle is 24 when one night a phone call rouses him from his drunken sleep. It is his mother, telling him that his father is dead. Instead of sadness, Jarle is filled only with anger and a sense of relief.

Two decades earlier, everything looked good for the small family – the Orheim Company – who moved into a terrace house in Norway’s oil capital Stavanger. As Jarle grows up, he possesses an enormous will to make the best of his world: He falls violently in love with girls, becomes an anti-racist and a feminist; and pop music is constantly playing in his head. But one day Jarle changes his last name. He no longer wants to be Jarle Orheim; from now on his name is Jarle Klepp. What happened to the Orheim Company? Why was it that those who wanted only the best for one another ended up doing each other harm?

"Finally, Renberg!... a page-turner, well told and well constructed... exceeding all expectations... Renberg’s best. We will be waiting impatiently for the third book about Jarle."
Stavanger Aftenblad

"touchingly emphatic... well-written, and more than a little intelligent."
Dagens Næringsliv

"believable, gripping and essential... Renberg has [...] found his force, which is the personal narrative... an important book"

"Renberg reaffirms his strength as a writer... He is an expert at building characters... And he is obviously an author who will attract many readers"

Tore Renberg

Tore Renberg
Photo: Asbjørn Jensen

Renberg made his debut in 1995 with the collection of short prose Sovende floke (Sleeping Tangle), for which he was awarded the prestigious Tarjei Vesass’ First Book Prize. Since then, he has been a prolific writer of novels, children’s books and film scripts, he has been awarded several prizes and he has distinguished himself as one of the important voices of the younger literary generation in Norway. Kompani Orheim (The Orheim Company) is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Mannen som elsket Yngve (I Loved Yngve), also made into a feature film (2008).

Sovende floke (Sleeping Tangle), Short Prose 1995
Matriarkat, Novel 1996
Renselse, Novel 1998
En god tid, Novel 2000
Varmelager Fem, Collages, drawings, texts 2001
Mannen som elsket Yngve (I Loved Yngve), Novel 2003
Alt for Egil (Everything For Egil), Filmbook 2004
Charlotte Isabel Hansen, 2008

Rights sold to

Denmark (Batzer & Co), France (Mercure de France), Hungary (L'Harmattan), Poland (BC Edukacja)

Foreign rights

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Tarjei Vesaas' Debutant prize 1995, for Sovende floke
Tiden Prize 1996
Siddis prize 2004
The P2 listeners' best novel prize 2005, for The Orheim Company
Nominated for the Brage Prize, the Young Critics' Prize and Dagbladet's novel of the year 2005, for The Orheim Company
Stavanger Cultural Prize 2008

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