Thure Erik Lund

The main character in Lund’s new novel has decided to leave the country. He wants to disappear quietly, without telling anyone. All is arranged. His property will be transferred to his children, his car is sold. He wants to disappear as slowly as possible, by foot.

He believes he is fatally ill. The doctors have not given him any diagnosis, but he has discovered a lump on his back, and he is convinced that he is going to die.

Fed up with Norway, by repeating cycles, he does not care a damn about the society, about social plays, roles, expectations and trivialities. He has ever longed for loneliness, now he wants to explore this long lasting wish.

Aschehoug 2006

Praise for Uranophilia, winner of the Norwegian Literary Critics’ Prize 2005:

“Thure Erik Lund concludes one of the most overwhelming novelistic projects written in Norwegian in the last decades” (Dagens Næringliv)

“A masterly storyteller.” (Dagbladet)

"well-written, exciting and challenging, and probably the best Norwegian novel to be published this year… The book is a storehouse filled with groundbreaking mind games, historical information, vivid portrayals, civilisation critique, intricate narrative art and deep dives into the human cognition; all conveyed in a manner that, in all its disturbing gloominess and profound sincerity, incredibly enough also can be described as entertaining.” (Klassekampen)

Thure Erik Lund

Thure Erik Lund made his literary debut in 1992 with Tanger, which brought him the Tarjei Vesaas Prize for best first novel. His second book, Leiegården (The apartment house), was the Norwegian winner in the Scandinavian competition for the best contemporary novel of the year.

In 2005 Lund was awarded the prestigious Norwegian Literary Critics’ Prize for Uranophilia, the fourth and last novel in the burlesque, satirical and culturcritical quartet, which is also hysterical funny. The quartet consists of following novels:

Grøftetildragelsesmysteriet (The Ditch Incident Mystery), novel 1999.
Compromateria (Compromateria), novel 2002.
Elvestengfolket (The Elvesteng Folk), novel 2003.
Uranophilia (Uranophilia), novel 2005.

Tanger, novel 1992 .
Leiegården, novel 1994.
Zalep, novel 1995.
Forgreiningar, essays 2003.
"Norske byer" og andre essays, essays 2006.

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