Janne Stigen Drangsholt
The Marvellous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter

Ingrid Winter is stuck.
In the house she is unable to sell, in PTA meetings, in work
conflicts, in her fear of door-to-door salesmen, in a marriage where
the spark is missing, in her own everyday anxiety. Nor does it get
any better when she is chosen, unwillingly, to go to Saint Petersburg
as part of a work delegation. Intended to launch a scientific research
cooperation program across borders, the excursion, with Ingrid
Winter’s participation, soon turns to chaos, including threats of
deportation to Siberia, and a cough syrup which is not what it
But perhaps a dose of chaos is just what is needed when
everything in your life is congealed?

«Among the funniest and most painful
books I’ve read in a long time!»

Henriette Steenstrup, Norwegian actress

«This book is a true delight!»

Heidi Linde, Norwegian writer

Janne Stigen Drangsholt

Janne Stigen Drangsholt

An associate professor at the University of Stavanger,
Janne Stigen Drangsholt (born 1974) published her debut novel,
Humlefangeren (The Bumblebee Catcher), in 2011.
Ingrid Winters makeløse mismot is her second novel

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Other titles

Humlefangeren (2011)

Winter i verdens rikeste land (2016)

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