Lars Lenth
The Same River

A fly-fisher-novel — that would perhaps be the most precise label to put on Lars Lenth’s beautiful literary debut from 2007. «The same river» tells the story of a young man who runs off from his girl friend, his student life to go fishing in a river called Skrukkedalsrenna in Skrapdalen. His friend Biff has told him a secret. This river is possibly the best for trout fishing in the whole country. The young man is obsessed with the thought of the river, and decides to spend a whole season – from May till October – all by himself and to try to unveil the twists and codes of the mystic river.

A slow novel, many would think, but the narrator’s many subtle confessions and new insights during the months by the river, tells of a deeper understanding of himself and his surroundings, and makes this both an amusing and challenging story to read.

Lars Lenth

Lars Lenth
Eirill W. Wiik

Lars Lenth (b. 1966) is Norway’s undisputed number one when it comes to fly fishing for trout. His literary debut came with the novel The same river in 2007, a fly fishing novel following a young man’s experiences through a season of fishing at the river Skrukkedalsrenna. The Norwegian patient was his second novel, introducing the lawyer Leonard Vangen and the criminal Rino Gulliksen. two characters who readers have grown fond of. Leo and Rino reappear in Lenth’s next novel, The Vega Brothers. In all three novels there’s a deepfelt tension between man and nature. A subject the author continues to focus on in his fresh new novel Men who hate wolves.

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Men Who Hate Wolves (2017)
The Vega Brothers (2015)
The Norwegian patient (2011)

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