Gøhril Gabrielsen
Dizzying Opportunities, No Fear

Dizzying Opportunities, No Fear
Far out on the desolate inland plains of northern Norway, there is a house. The house is shared by two sisters. They seldom leave the house. Nobody has visited them for a long time. One sister can’t get out of bed and needs nursing. The other simply never left. They live beyond conventions, north of common custom. Are they trying to keep each other alive – or to kill each other? When did their kind feelings turn into hatred? When a man enters the picture the conflict sharpens. The sisters realize that one of them has to go, and a series of surprising incidents and bizarre situations follow.

Inventive and darkly humorous, Dizzying Opportunities, No Fear is a raw depiction of the determined struggle for power and mutual dependence between two sisters.

Praise for Dizzying Opportunities, No Fear:

“The sisters’ violent intimacy has its own power, but the real strength of this book lies in the way so much is withheld. (…) Like cold settling into bone, the sensation of horror creeps up with unshakeable stealth.”

(The Daily Mail, UK)

Gøhril Gabrielsen

Gøhril Gabrielsen

Gøhril Gabrielsen (b 1961) grew up in Finnmark, the northernmost county in Norway, but currently lives in Oslo. She is an educated nurse and copywriter.

Gabrielsen made her debut with the novel Unspeakable Events (2006) and has since then published three novels. Dizzying opportunities, no fear (2008), Vermin (2011) and Yours, Always (2015)
She has been awarded Aschehougs debutant price in 2008 and in 2010 she was awarded with the Tanum Womens writers price.

Dizzying Opportunities was published in English by Peirene Press under the title The Looking-Glass Sisters in September 2015, and will be published by Tropo Editore in 2017.

Her fifth novel will be published in Norwegian in August 2017.

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