Jonny Halberg

Robert Isaksen grew up on a military base on the outskirts of a small Norwegian town. At the age of 18 he is still living at home with his officer father, Isak. Almost a year has passed since the death of his mother. Robert realises that big changes will have to take place if he is going to achieve his ambition to become a writer. The goal
is not an easy one. A change of style turns him into the town’s first post-punk, but it also brings him face to face with the narrow-mindedness of a small town. His limited experience with the opposite sex is another challenge that has to be dealt with. Robert’s plan is to move into a collective in Oslo after he’s finished Secondary School, but his frequent confrontations with his father leave him torn between feelings of anger and loyalty towards him.

1983 is a novel about breaking up, breaking out, breaking away; it’s about helpless love, maturity, immaturity and big dreams.

Jonny Halberg

Jonny Halberg
Ingeborg Øien Thorsland

Jonny Halberg made his debut with the collection of short stories Transition to the Tertiary in 1989, since when he has published a number of collections of short stories, novels and film manuscripts. Halberg has been awarded several literary prizes, including the Critics’ Prize and the Hunger Prize as well as the P2 Listeners’ novel prize.

Other titles

Just North Of the Church (2016)
The Twin (2006)
Go to the Mountain (2004)
The Flood (2000)
Defiance (1996)

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Halberg has won several prizes for his writing. among them:

The Hunger Prize (1998)
The P2 Listeners’ novel prize (2000)
The Critic's Prize (2000)

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