Jørgen Gunnerud

District Sheriff Magnus Akselsen is called to a house by the fjord in the remote settlement of Korsfjord in Finnmark. He finds his assistants bent over the lifeless body of his own sister, who lies dead after a fall. Her husband is discovered in the next room in a drunken stupor, having just been released from prison where he has served a sentence for murder and arson. It isn’t long before there is another fire – the first in a series of apparently unconnected incidents that threaten the security of the little community. Rumour is quick to identify Akselsen’s brother-in-law as the culprit,
but the sheriff’s investigations lead him in another direction and straight into a labyrinth of family ties, friendships, walls of silence, rivalries and jealousies. The way out of it costs, for a great many people.

Suspicion is Jørgen Gunnerud’s tenth crime novel, and the third featuring Magnus Akselsen.

Jørgen Gunnerud

Jørgen Gunnerud
Erik Five Gunnerud

Jørgen Gunnerud, born 1948, lives in Oslo. His first published work of fiction was the crime novel Raymond Isaksen’s Exit (1994). Since then he has published a number of highly acclaimed crime novels. He was awarded the Riverton Prize for Autumn Shoot in 2007.

Other titles

Seven Days in September (2014)
Autumn Shoot (2007)
raymond isaksen's Exit (1994)

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The Riverton Prize (2007)

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