Ellen Vahr

The Gift

The Gift is a story about fear and concealment, and about the possibilities that open up when we dare to stand up for ourselves.

Ever since she was little, crofter’s daughter Anne has felt different. She was born with the second sight, which is set off when she is out in nature. At the age of 25, Anne ends up in Norway’s capital, then called Christiania, working as a servant girl for a renowned goldsmith and his sick wife. She is seduced by the master of the house, and simultaneously tormented by her closer relationship to his wife.

Suddenly Anne finds herself out on the street, saddled with children, poverty and shame. All she has left are her own self and her gift – and that’s when she finally wakes up. With her knowledge of nature and her belief in her own skills, life opens up to her in a new way.

The Gift is a book about a women’s struggle to find her own path and dare to follow it. It is a story of profound poverty, betrayal and violation, but it is also a love story about courage, hope and finding one’s way home.

Brannfjell’s achievements included providing home remedies for the treatment of rickets.

– Nominated to the Bookseller’s Prize 2016

– Based on a true story

– Has been selected to be Book of the Month in January 2017 by the book clubs

“Vahr has given life to a truely fascinating and strong woman who overcame fears and prejudices, followed her heart and found her own path.” Elin Brend Bjørhei, VG

Ellen Vahr

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Ellen Vahr is the great great- great grandaughter of Anne Brannfjell. She left the world of finance to start working as professionally as a coach. She has written several books on how to follow your dreams, and is a popular lecturer. The Gift is her first fiction novel.

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