Tore Renberg
Damaged Goods

It’s December 2012, and Christmas shopping is going through the roof. Money is flowing in the oil rich state of Norway and in the shadow of a seemingly never ending boom, the Hillevåg gang are doing the best they can. In the snow-covered house, the 40 year old gang leader Jan Inge is about to get married to his American lover, Beverly. Chessi is pregnant with twins, and Rudi is facing the most dangerous weeks of his life. In the kids’ room, the blood of the hopeful young gangsters Ben, Rudi and Dejan is boiling.

How will Jan Inge & the gang get out of their criminal existence? How many lives do they have to take before enough is enough?

Too many.

«A stupendous fireworks of modern writing … This year’s book is incredibly well written … When did I last wake up at 5:30 in the morning to jump into my clothes to read the 200 pages I didn’t have time to read before I fell asleep the night before? … So, what is the Teksas series? It is unique in Norwegian literature. Suspenseful, entertaining, thought-provoking, a page-turner full of human warmth and sympathy for those living on the outside, in spite of all the blood and the wild, excessive prose”
6/6 stars, Fædrelandsvennen

Tore Renberg

Tore Renberg
Tommy Ellingsen

“Renberg’s novels are of international excellence”

Tore Renberg is the bestselling author of the Teksas series and literary novels such as Darkland and The Man Who Loved Yngve. He has been hailed as one of the great story-tellers of contemporary Norwegian literature.

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