Majken van Bruggen
Bankok Baby

Julia is in mourning after her husband Leon’s
demise. She travels on her own to China, a country
she had originally planned to visit with Leon.
In Hong Kong she meets Helen, who is ten years
older than her, and she persuades Julia to accompany
her to Bangkok. In Bangkok, Julia gets a job
in a bar run by Helen’s family. Julia has to relate
to a world where friendship and sex are merchandise,
and she struggles to decipher the social
codes. Things are boiling under the surface, and
nothing is what it appears to be. Julia must decide
whether to stay or travel on.

Bangkok baby is a novel about innocence, loneliness,
longing and love in a sexualized world.

Majken van Bruggen

Majken van Bruggen
Rolf M. Aagaard

Majken van Bruggen (b. 1973) has written two previous
books about Julia: Moon Mountain (2008) and Julia and

Other titles

Moon Mountain (2008)
Julia and Leon (2010)

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