Jørgen Gunnerud
Seven Days in September

An intense war drama set in the vast fjords of
Northern Norway.

Seven Days in September takes place during World
War II. Three separate story lines cross each other
at the end of a deep fjord in western Finnmark. A
German aircrew takes off from France to join the
attack on the Russian convoy PQ 18 in Finnmark.
We become acquainted with the members of the
crew, their personalities, desires and hopes for the
future. The second story is about the local fisherman
Gustav Henriksen, a war hero from the battle
of Narvik, about his family, his work and the society
he lives in. The third person to stumble into the
novel is Kristian Kolseth, a young ethnography student
from Oslo’s wealthier quarters, who has travelled
north in order to document building customs
among the coast Sami in Finnmark.

The novel is packed with suspense, and the
outcome is uncertain all the way to the final page.
Characters and environments are drawn with
great realism. This is a powerful story about how
the war affected people’s daily lives, their work and
their social relations.

Jørgen Gunnerud

Jørgen Gunnerud
Erik Five Gunnerud

Jørgen Gunnerud, born 1948, lives
in Oslo. His first published work of
fiction was the crime novel Raymond
Isaksen’s Exit
(1994). Since
then he has published a number of
highly acclaimed crime novels. He
was awarded the Riverton Prize
for Autumn Shoot (2007). Seven
Days in September
is a historical
drama and represents a new turn
in Gunnerud’s writing.

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The Riverton Prize (2007)

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